A Flag Truly Worth Burning

The American-hating leftists at the New York Times decided to re-imagine the American flag, and their new flag looks exactly like what you would expect.

The unsigned editorial on Tuesday warned, “Some are functional designs, others artistic renderings; some represent America as it could be, others how the artist sees the country now.” If you think America is terrible and that should be represented on the flag, graphic designer Na Kim offered a washed out option to represent “surrender.”

The colors of our flag are intended to stand for unity, valor and justice. The gray, monochrome flag represents America surrendering to its fall from power and loss of the ideals it once stood for. The American dream is being washed away.

My fellow Americans, who among you cannot embrace this beautiful flag?

Honestly, a surrender flag is the perfect metaphor for the Biden regime.

The Big Apple Has A Worm

File this story in the “It’s funny when it happens to them” file.

The New York Times is scrambling to quell a staff rebellion at its metro desk after the section’s editor, Cliff Levy, unleashed a blistering email to staffers last week, saying the section had “lost its footing” and was in need of “urgent” change.

Levy, as part of a digital-first push that he claimed is lacking in the metro section, said the section’s staffers were going to be offered a chance to take voluntary buyouts. Many insiders fretted they were going to get “performance appraised” out of their jobs in a looming review process under Levy.

Here’s a thought; maybe if the New York Times focused upon journalism instead of say, activism against conservatives, they would be in a much better place, both financially and reputationally. That said, I have absolutely no sympathy for the people who will be let go. You made your bed. Sleep in it.

All The Racism That’s Fit To Print

An investigation by the Daily Caller revealed several New York Times reporters tweeting out racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-military comments over the course of several years.

The NYT knowingly employs journalists who use vulgar language to deride the military, float anti-Semitic conspiracies, and use racial slurs on Twitter, The Daily Caller has learned. NYT journalist Jugal Patel tweeted in 2012, “Fuck the military.”

NYT Afghanistan reporter Fahim Abed has used his Twitter account, once in 2014 and again in 2015, to push an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, trained with Israel’s Mossad.

Another NYT reporter, Sapna Maheshwari, enjoyed tweeting the n-word in 2012:

She tweeted, “ORDERING FISH FILLET WILL NEVER BE THE SAME #niggasinparis #watchthethrone @watchthethrone #FISHFILLET #thatshitcray #TAGFRENZYHAPPYFRIDAY.”

Thankfully, 21st century America provides stringent rules for the great unwashed (see also: Roseanne Barr) , and special rules for our intellectual betters on the left (see also: The New York Times).

A Sign Of The Times

Ladies and gentlemen, set your faces to stunned: leftist New York Times reporter Frank Bruni is worrying the Mueller investigation is actually helping President Trump.

The Mueller investigation, Bruni argued, is dominating media coverage to the extent it’s crowding out coverage of what Trump and his administration are actually doing.

“Maybe the just-published Politico report of Trump’s deliberate, cavalier use of a cellphone that doesn’t have strict security safeguards would be getting extra attention” if not for the Mueller investigation, Bruni pondered.

Bruni also expressed his concern the Mueller investigation might not find evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

Gee Frank, whatever gave you that idea? I mean it’s only been a year, and Mueller has only snared two or three people for minor process crimes. But hey, hold on tight to your dreams, you biased hack.

Jedi Master Yoga

A bitter liberal scold from the New York Times penned an article decrying yoga pants and those who choose to wear them in public. I suggest we burn her at the stake.

An op-ed in the New York Times has many people seeing red over its claims that yoga pants are “bad for women.”

The column, credited to senior staff editor Honor Jones calls out yoga pants for being too constricting, sexy, and unforgiving. According to the Times, they “threaten to show every dimple and roll in every woman over 30” and offer less comfort and modesty than the baggy sweatpants of yore.

The opinion piece also argues that women wear tight workout leggings to “look hot at the gym,” choosing fashion over functionality.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you mean to tell me women care about their looks when they’re surrounded by men? Wow, The Gray Lady never misses a scoop, does it?

Sidewalk Squawk

Meet Greg Howard, a “journalist” at the New York Times.

To be hired by the nation’s most notorious fake newspaper, Greg had to be down with all the acceptable policy positions – conservatives are evil, free health care is a right, and of course, white people are racist.

In a Wednesday essay titled “Was That Racist,” reporter Greg Howard singled out white women for forcing him “off the sidewalk completely” when walking toward him, not allowing a straight path.

“In seven years of living and walking here, I’ve found that most people walk courteously — but that white women, at least when I’m in their path, do not.”

“After these encounters, I’m always left with questions. Why only and specifically white women? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because they’ve been taught that they should fear black men, and that any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because to alter their route would be to show their fear? Do they not see me? Can they not see me?” he asks in the essay.

Ironic how this clown asks if ALL white women are taught to fear black men, immediately after lumping ALL white women with the “racist” tag. For my part, this never happens to me; as a white male, white women curtsey as I walk past. It’s pretty sweet.

The Unbearable Smugness Of Being

David Brooks is a “conservative commentator” for the failing New York Times. I place that title in quotes because Brooks is about as conservative as John McCain and Susan Collins. Brooks’ columns are filled with arrogant, patronizing claptrap send to the unwashed masses from on high.

His latest piece is no different.

David Brooks, 55, was made fun of for his column Tuesday titled, ‘How We Are Ruining America’. In his piece, Brooks used his restaurant story as an example of the informal social barrier that directs people away from opportunities enjoyed by upper-middle-class culture.

‘Recently I took a friend with only a high school degree to lunch. Insensitively, I led her into a gourmet sandwich shop,’ the piece read. ‘Suddenly I saw her face freeze up as she was confronted with sandwiches named “Padrino” and “Pomodoro” and ingredients like soppressata, capicollo and a striata baguette.

King David begrudgingly escorted his unintelligent, non-male friend to a Mexican restaurant frequented by the commoners, and ordered a simple meal for a simple person.