Humanity Is Truly Doomed

An off-duty Newark, New Jersey police officer was arrested after he struck and killed a pedestrian while traveling the Garden State Parkway.

A New Jersey police officer is accused of fatally striking a pedestrian, taking the man’s body home to discuss what to do, and then returning to the scene with the dead man in his back seat, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Newark officer Louis Santiago, 25, his passenger, and his mother are charged in the Nov. 1 incident, acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens II said in a written statement.

No one in the vehicle called 911 or even bothered to render aid.

Santiago, who was off-duty, allegedly struck Damian Dymka, a 29-year-old nurse, while he was walking around 3 a.m. on the shoulder of the Garden State Parkway.

I am not at all excusing the driver and/or the occupants, but anyone who has driven the Garden State Parkway knows it’s not the easiest ride. The parkway is very dark at night, and the only time you see a street light is when you approach a rest stop or a toll booth. Walking the parkway at night is a very dangerous proposition.

It’s terrible for the victim’s family, and I hope these people land in prison for their inaction.

NJ Woman Enjoys A Jiffy Lube

A woman who was horizontally paying off her car repair bill was found dead alongside her mechanic in the woman’s garage. You won’t believe how they died.

A man returned to his New Jersey home Monday night to find both his wife and her lover dead in the garage, after the pair apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex.

The 39-year-old woman and her 56-year-old lover — who sources believe was her mechanic — were discovered just before 9 p.m. Monday at a house in Newark. Sources say the wife and the mechanic were having sex in a car in the garage when they were both killed by the poison gas. The husband came home later to discover their bodies.

Law enforcement sources said they believed the wife was paying for her car work by having sex with the mechanic.

In fairness, the mechanic was just placing his dipstick into the woman’s oil pan. What kind of mechanic has sex with a client… in a closed garage… with the engine running?