A Truly Fitting Namesake

The city of Milpitas California is renaming a local road as a tribute to corrupt, inept former president Barack Obama. Before you protest, this is actually a good thing. Read on…

Last week in the state of California, the Milpitas City Council voted 3-2 to rename Dixon Landing Road to Barack Obama Boulevard. As much I think the “Put-Obama’s-Name-On-Things” movement is inappropriate because of his terrible record, this latest effort actually is very fitting. Why? Because the road in question leads to the Newby Island Landfill, a recycling and composting plant notorious for causing a “putrid stench” in the area.

For decades residents driving on that stretch of road have complained about the odors—similar to the way patriots complained about poor economic growth, endless scandals, deteriorating race relations, and disastrous foreign policy during the Obama years. (H/T – TXNick)

I wholeheartedly support this measure, and would also suggest the landfills of Deptford, New Jersey also be named after King Putt. Just because.