Oh, She Definitely Smelled It

Meet Nicole Dozois of Flori-Duh.

Nicole is a lighthearted 40-year old – yikes, she’s only forty? – who lives with her 59-year old father in Largo, FL. Their relationship is usually pretty good, save for the times the family eats a hot, delicious dinner at Taco Bell.

A Florida Woman was arrested yesterday for allegedly battering her father “due to his flatulence” inside their residence. Nicole Dozois, 40, shares a bedroom with the 59-year-old victim in a home in Largo, a city in the Tampa Bay area.

Around 2 AM Sunday, Dozois “became angry” with her father “due to his flatulence and an argument ensued,” police report. Dozois then allegedly attacked her father, punching him in the face “numerous times.”

Upon responding to the residence, cops noted that the victim “had a bloodied left eye and scratches all over his neck as a result” of the attack.

Imagine being so unstable that you beat the hell out of your father for passing gas. Maybe the punishment should fit the crime, and we can give Nicole the gas chamber.