Run And Gun Offense


Meet Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham. Nigel is a special kind of stupid, and someone who should never be allowed to carry a water pistol, let alone a loaded firearm.

Among the most crucial packing hints for air travel would be, even if you have a permit to carry a gun, don’t forget it’s in your backpack and try to run it through an airport X-ray machine.

This lesson was reinforced for Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham Sunday in Miami, when he embarked on his return from the team’s bye week and ended up arrested. Bradham was jailed and booked on a second degree misdemeanor concealed weapons charge, before posting $500 bail.

Ever the British gentleman, Nigel’s actions since entering the NFL have been above reproach…

Bradham would have been cited had he not already been out on bond from his July arrest in Miami over an altercation with a hotel beach umbrella stand operator.

Huzzah! A true pillar of the community. Let’s all rush out and immediately throw our hard-earned money at the Philadelphia Eagles, and the NFL as a whole.