Oh New Jersey, Don’t Ever Change

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy may be one of the most incompetent politicians in the entire country. A rabid leftist, he spends more time clamping on his citizens’ freedoms than, say, helping people get the Chinese Wuhan Virus vaccine.

The Murphy administration unveiled a phone line on Tuesday in an attempt to help people get information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

But the automated phone line — 855-568-0545 — tells callers to go to a state website to find out where to find a vaccine provider, something that will not help some elderly New Jerseyans who don’t have a computer or struggle to use one.

That won’t likely change until Monday, Jan. 25, when 250 live agents staff the line from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

That’s okay, governor; it’s not like the vaccine is literally a life and death issue. I mean, you can’t make an omelet without killing a few (more) grandparents, amirite?