The Thrill Is Gone

It only took Americans fourteen months, but people are finally realizing “Doctor” Anthony Fauci is a political hack who merely regurgitates whatever talking point is popular at the moment.

Confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci has decreased 42.2 percent among Americans in the past year, according to a Trafalgar Group survey.

Respondents were asked, “Has your confidence in Dr. Fauci gone up or down in the past year?” While 42.2 percent said confidence has gone down, 22.1 percent said it has increased, and 26.1 percent said it is unchanged.

When only Republicans were asked the same question, 50.8 percent said their confidence in Fauci decreased, whereas respondents with no party affiliation decreased 41.7 percent. Twenty percent of Democrats’ confidence in Fauci decreased.

About four or five months in, I was truly hoping President Trump would fire this clown. Sadly, that never happened, and now the illegitimate president is fluffing Fauci at every single turn. I’m actually surprised any Democrat lost confidence in their golden calf.