Next Stop, Chlamydia Station

No Pants Subway RideMass transit riders took advantage of the No Pants Subway Ride on Sunday, proving once again why the subway always smells like tinkle.

From New York City to Tokyo, Madrid to Moscow, tens of thousands of people descended upon train stations around the globe on Sunday with one ballsy mission: To ride on public transportation with no pants on.

The bottoms-less folk were celebrating the 15th annual No Pants Subway Ride, originally started by the New York-based comedy collective Improv Everywhere. As the name suggests, the event involves people taking trains in their underwear while otherwise decked out in winter garb.

Okay, who’s the dickplate who decided the No Pants Subway Ride be held on January Freakin’ 10th? I mean, sure, the cold is fantastic for pokey nipples, but since everyone is wearing jackets, NO ONE CAN F**KING SEE THEM!

Yes, by all means, ride the subway sans pantaloons, and we’ll all point and laugh when your swampy ass gets stuck to the metal seat like the kid in A Christmas Story.