Feel-Good Friday

This isn’t your normal, everyday episode of Feel-Good Friday, but it certainly is a feel-good story.

A high school in Michigan allows, nay encourages, their senior students to dress in costumes for their ID pictures. Most of the students take part and some of the ID photos are straight=up hilarious.

One high school in Farmington Hills, Michigan, has a unique annual tradition for its senior graduating class which demonstrates that folks around here—even the administrators—have a great sense of humor.

When students reach their senior year at North Farmington High School, they are allowed, and encouraged, to dress up in costumes for their school ID pictures.

The class of 2022 tweeted photos of their new IDs, alongside which character was their creative inspiration—usually scenes from popular movies.

It would be great if this tradition caught on across the nation, but I sincerely doubt that would go over with some of the public school scolds. You can see some of the IDs at the link, but I thought this girl was the winner. She looks just like the actress.