King Putz

Many of you have probably read this story by now, but the Obama administration knew the North Koreans were manufacturing miniature nukes four years ago, and pressured the media to downplay the story.

But yes, please tell me how Donald Trump needs to be impeached.

Tuesday’s Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used as warheads for missiles – possibly ICBMs – left out a crucial fact: DIA actually concluded this in 2013. The Post also failed to mention the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time.

During an April 11, 2013, House Armed Services Committee hearing, Congressman Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., inadvertently revealed several unclassified sentences from a DIA report that said DIA had determined with “moderate confidence” that North Korea has the capability to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be launched with a ballistic missile.

The DIA report represented inconvenient facts that threatened President Obama’s North Korea “strategic patience” policy — a policy to do nothing about North Korea and kick this problem down the road to the next president. Obama officials tried to downplay the DIA assessment to prevent it from being used to force the president to employ a more assertive North Korea policy.

So this cock-holster ignored a growing threat, suppressed the weapons information, and left the next president holding the bag. Obama did the same thing with the Iranian nuclear deal. The piece of garbage sacrificed this country’s safety to stroke his own massive ego.


Don’t Eat The Glowing Acid!

Meet Brad Sherman, easily the biggest nerd in Congress. Seriously, this guy pays for sex.

Sherman is not only a nerd, but he’s also a dope; as evidenced by his theory on how North Korea could smuggle a nuke into the country.

A Democratic congressman expressed worry about leaders in North Korea using a “bale of marijuana” to smuggle a nuclear device into the U.S Thursday.

California Rep. Brad Sherman made the odd comment following a classified briefing at the White House. Sherman, who serves as the ranking Democratic member of the House Asia Subcommittee, seemed to imply the U.S. is not focusing enough attention on border security and the issue of drug smuggling, which he argues is a national security threat.

“I raised two issues: No. Korea could smuggle nuke into U.S. rather than use ICBM,” Sherman said on Twitter. “Could smuggle inside a bale of marijuana and might sell nukes to Iran, which has billions of hard currency. Waiting for answers.”

Hey dipshit, North Korea isn’t going to be selling nukes to Iran. Your jackass president – King Putt – already put those wheels in motion with his idiotic “nuclear deal.”