The Chicago PD Is Despicable

Today’s posts are somewhat police-heavy, and for that I apologize, but all three of these stories are important enough to be posted on the same day. This story, sadly, if by far the worst of the three.

Remember Ella French, the Chicago police officer who was shot and killed in her first few years on the job? Well, you would think the despicable Chicago Police Department would let her rest in peace, but no, that trait is not combined in their collective DNA.

A civilian oversight agency for the Chicago Police Department last week released a report from its review of a February 2019 police raid, which recommended a three-day suspension for police officer Ella French, who was killed in August during a traffic stop.

President of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, John Catanzara, was upset with the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) for including French’s name following her death.

“This is the latest example of why that agency has zero credibility in the eyes of every CPD officer,” Catanzara told WGN. “We demand an apology immediately for the intentional harm caused to Ella’s family, friends and co-workers.”

Most big cities have civilian offices of accountability, and most of them are comprised of far-left clowns who hate the police. Ella is dead, so what good does it do to smear her name after she’s gone?

The COPA report reviewed the Feb. 21, 2019 police raid involving French, where Young, 50, was undressing for bed when police officers busted through her front door to execute a search warrant that was actually for a suspect living several houses away, according to Fox 32 Chicago.

Young was handcuffed before she could get dressed as police searched her home for the suspect.

Following French’s death, Young said French was the only officer who showed “dignity or respect,” as she removed the handcuffs and turned off her body camera to allow Young to get dressed, according to her lawsuit against the city.

So the woman who filed the lawsuit said the only person who treated her with respect was Ella French, and still the COPA, the Chicago P.D., and the city of Chicago still thought it was a good idea to drag Ella French’s name through the mud.

This is by far the most disgusting story I have ever read.

Mayor Groot Can’t Recall Officer’s Name

Chicago Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown disrespected slain officer Ella French days after she was murdered.

If you can’t take time to learn the name of a murdered officer, maybe you should sit down and STFU.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot botched fallen officer Ella French’s name just days after Chicago police superintendent David Brown did the same.

“The horrible tragedy of Ella Frank’s murder,” Lightfoot said during the 2022 budget engagement forum held at Truman College on Thursday.

Mayor Groot is a true piece of garbage. The “woman” despises her police force, and insults them at nearly every turn. She supports the thugs, and no one else.

French, 29, was shot and killed on Saturday night during a traffic stop. She is the first officer since 2018 to be killed in the line of duty in the city. Lightfoot botching her name comes just days after Brown referred to French as “Ella Fitzgerald” twice on Monday.

“The offender who is charged with first degree murder of Ella Fitzgerald,” Brown said at one point during the press conference. “The gun used in this shooting and this murder of Ella Fitzgerald was illegally possessed,” he said at another point.

Brown’s debacle was galactically worse. Groot hates the cops, so she couldn’t care less if she botched French’s name. Brown is the f**king police chief, and he couldn’t remember her name? I’ll bet they both remembered George Floyd’s name, and they say it with reverence.

Mayor Groot Needs To STFU

Leftist Chicago Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot, a proud supporter of defunding the police, went to Twatter to announce the murder of police officer Ella French. French was murdered by one of the many animals wandering the streets of Chicago.

Groot didn’t stop there, however, but I wish she had.

During what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop on Saturday night, a young Chicago police officer, Ella French, was killed when the passengers started shooting. Another officer is fighting for his life.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot mourned the death on Twitter, also noting it was “an official day of mourning for the city.”

Some say we don’t do enough for the police. Others say we do too much. All of this must stop.

Motherf**Ker, you don’t do a damned thing for your police, and this is why they keep being attacked by your thug constituents.

Mayor Groot then wrote, “We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring.” I mean, who of us hasn’t seen a gun go off by itself and kill a man? Happens. Every. Day.

Rest in peace, Officer French. A majority of Americans honor your sacrifice.