NYPD Officers Having Second Thoughts

A recent survey of New York City police officers found more than half of the department stated they would not have joined the force. I don’t work for the NYPD, but me sentiments are the same.

An internal New York Police Department survey of nearly 6,000 officers found that 56% of NYPD cops say they wouldn’t become a police officer if they had a chance to do it all over again, according to the New York Post.

I really wanted to go into law enforcement when I graduated college. I wanted Feds, but whatever. I loved the job for the first half of my career, but looking back, I wasted my life. Sure, the job helped pay the bills, and we live moderately comfortably, but I would have been better off in another career.

Any other career, actually.

When asked if they feel the public disrespects them, 46% of officers believed they are disrespected versus 42% who didn’t believe so. The officers were asked if the public distrusts them, and 44% agreed while 41% disagreed. There were 73% of police poll participants who said the public does not have a good relationship with the NYPD.

I’m actually surprised some of the numbers are so low. I figured most NYPD cops would have thought the disrespect and distrust numbers would much higher.

A whopping 80% of NYPD officers, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains are hesitant to aggressively fight crime because of the ramifications of criminal liability, being sued, or being unfairly disciplined.

This is true in most blue city police departments. In the last few weeks, the department has taken the guns of nearly forty police officers, and placed them on suspension. Why? Because their body cam video did not exactly match what the officers said on the stand in court. Most officers do not review the camera footage before court appearances, mostly because it’s a rushed proposition. When you arrive, the ADA talks to you and pushes you toward the stand.

So a few officers misstated a location or an action they performed – months ago, by the way – and the Soros-appointed District Attorney placed them on suspension. Because the D.A. despises the cops here, he will use all his might to make sure these officers are fired.

It’s defunding the police without having to say you’re defunding the police. The department’s bosses wonders why no one wants to do the job anymore, and yet, the answer is right in the mirror.