Cat Got Your Town?

The Omena, Michigan mayor’s race consists of a cat, a chicken, and a goat. I assume a human is also running, but I cannot fathom any human would be elected over a chicken.

Mayor Sweet Tart McKee, the incumbent currently running for reelection in Omena, Mich., isn’t concerned about her competition this year.

But then again, Sweet Tart is a cat, so she’s not concerned about much of anything.

For more than a decade, the Northern Michigan hamlet of Omena — a small unincorporated community that does not have its own government — has held ceremonial elections for non-human mayors. The tongue-in-cheek triennial elections are fundraisers for the Omena Historical Society, with each dollar contributed to the organization equaling one vote. While all the critter candidates are from the community, anyone in the world can cast a ballot, in person or online, from now through July 23.

Having never visited Omena, Michigan, I can still say with certainty that Sweet Tart is better than every single Republican politician with the possible exception of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.