The Most Obvious Story… Evah!

A group of “naturalists” – read: nudists – in France are complaining people are harshing their mellow by *gasp* staring at them while they frolic in the nude. Oh my God, the horror!

Naturists in a Paris park have complained voyeurs and exhibitionists are spoiling their naked enjoyment.

The nudists say they are being pestered in an area of the city’s Bois de Vincennes where for the last two years they have been allowed to shed their clothes.

An area of almost two acres of the park is set aside for naturists between April and October. When it opened in 2017, City officials insisted no inappropriate behaviour would be tolerated, a message reiterated on a sign at the entrance to the zone.

But a number of naturists have complained their peace is being disturbed by the “reprehensible” actions of some non-nudists.

Your choices in life come with inherent risks. When your choice is to be naked in public, the risks are people will stop and stare. Moose outside shoulda told ya.