The Fat Boys Are Back

Meet Jake Lee of Englewood, Chicago.

Jake is a happy-go-lucky guy, and the only thing he likes more than Twinkies is “allegedly” shooting people during random drive-bys.

Matthew Gibson, 26, was pronounced dead on 22 July after being shot in the head during the incident which prosecutors portrayed as a drive-by shooting gone bad in Park Manor, Chicago.

Dammit, he was just turning his life around!

Video footage from 21 July showed Gibson pulling alongside a white SUV that was waiting to make a left turn at around 5:40am, according to reports from the Chicago Sun-Times.

As the car slowed his passenger, Jake Lee, opened fire on the vehicle with a .40-caliber handgun. However Lee, 27, accidentally shot his driver in the head. Despite his injuries Gibson was able to drive two miles from the scene.

Gotta give Gibson his props; I’m not able to drive two miles with a Charley horse, let alone with a bullet in the skull.

Gibson was found to be brain dead on Monday, and was kept alive only to have his organs harvested. His death was ruled as a homicide.

The man was participating in a drive-by shooting. I’m fairly sure he was pronounced brain dead long before he was shot.