Will It Prey In Peoria?

Arizona is a beautiful state; one I wish to make my retirement home. The Grand Canyon state is not for everyone however, because the heat makes people stupid.

On Friday, February 16, at 6:10 PM, Peoria Police Department (AZ) were dispatched to a possible shoplifting in the area of 24650 North Lake Pleasant Parkway. While enroute to the call one officer noticed a vehicle matching the description at the gas station at 23336 N Lake Pleasant Parkway. As the officer approached the vehicle, two subjects took off running southbound from the gas station.

The suspects ran directly toward the front doors of our north precinct building. It should be noted that there is a very large “Peoria Police” sign above the door. They continued to run along the building and then decided to hop the fence into the secure area of the Police Department. The male suspect jumped back over the fence where officers took him in custody. The female suspect decided to hide under a bench in the secured area and was taken into custody. (H/T – TXNick)

You can see the video of these morons at the link. I wonder if more criminals would run toward the police station if they erected a “Criminal Hideout” sign on the building’s roof?

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

modern-round-restaurant-peoria-arizonaThe Modern Round, a new restaurant in Peoria, Arizona, will allow you to shoot replica firearms while waiting for your meal.

Before you go all ballistic, I should mention that the guns provided by Modern Round are not real firearms, but realistic laser replicas designed to feel like the real thing. Instead of gun range targets, patrons must shoot at virtual targets on a 16-foot-wide screen, and can choose from a variety of options, from zombie-themed games to live-action police and military scenarios. To make the experience feel as realistic as possible, the replicas are molded into the size, shape and weight of actual firearms, and some of the weapons even have a CO2 system that “provides realistic recoil and blowback.”

So basically it’s like eating at a KFC in downtown Detroit, without the blood and those pesky minorities. (I’m kidding; please don’t send hate mail.)

The whole place allegedly has a James Bond film feel to it, with the main door shaped as a keyhole and hostesses dressed in skin tight body-con who handcuff themselves to metallic attaché cases containing the weapons you’ll be using during your stay. There is also a professional shooting instructor roaming around and letting shooters know what they’re doing wrong and how to improve their aiming.

You know, not a day goes by where I don’t think about moving to the Grand Canyon State. This eatery is tipping the scales even further.