Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

You may remember the summer of 2020 when the Saint George Riots saw carnage and murder throughout blue cities across the country. You may also remember how police were excoriated that summer and leftist politicians declared we needed to defund the police.

Philadelphia, especially, was all on board for defunding their police department, firing officers for minor infractions, and propping up show trials for others.

It’s funny what a difference two years can make.

After a tidal wave of retirements and resignations, Mayor Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw have implemented 12-hour shifts for all police officers, effective this past Saturday, June 11th.

We are hearing this may also apply to detectives at some point, but so far that has not happened.

So the two people most responsible for destroying the morale of the department are now demanding police officers work twelve-hour shifts. The shifts are not voluntary, mind you; they are forced, and the plan is to continue these shifts for the rest of the summer.

We worked twelve-hour shifts during the Floyd riots, and after the first few weeks, a lot of people started calling out sick. You can only work twelve-hour shifts for so long, then the exhaustion takes over. This is a terrible idea, in my opinion, but it’s not like the mayor or the commissioner gives a damn.

The Funniest Story You’ll See This Week

After two-plus years of ridicule and derision, the Philadelphia Police Department has finally realized their constant abuse of police officers was probably not a great plan.

The Philadelphia Police Department is dealing with a police shortage as they struggle to attract and retain police officers.

The city’s police department, like other departments nationwide, is in “crisis” mode for recruiting as officers retire from their jobs. The situation is made worse by the national debate over police reform and the use of force, as well as the pandemic.

If I’m going to be honest and fair with you, the George Floyd riots were the straw which broke the camel’s back. All of us were either on the street trying to sedate the animals, or in the divisions responding to the looting and the fires.

Officials say there are currently 268 vacancies in the Philadelphia Police Department.

This is an absolute lie. This department has always hovered around 6,500 officers. Since the Saint George Floyd riots in 2020, we’re closer to a 4,500 department, thanks to resignations and retirements…

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These F**kers Will Never Stop

After forcing city workers to take the Chinese Wuhan Virus jab, Philadelphia’s drunken douchebag mayor Jim Kenney has reinstated vaccination policies, and those who do not comply will face severe sanctions. For the record, 97% of police officers have been vaccinated, but that’s enough for this insufferable prick.

On February 1, 2022, the undersigned arbitrators on an arbitration panel convened pursuant to Act 111 of 1968 (“Panel”) issued an interest arbitration award (“February Award”) addressing the issue of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for members of the FOP Lodge 5 bargaining unit.

Yeah, the “award” given to those vaccinated was $500, and after taxes it was a little less than half that amount. I know a lot of people think the Fraternal Order of Police bends over backwards for us, but in this town that is completely untrue. Our FOP is a disgrace, and they were all in for forced vaccinations.

All individuals covered by this Award who have not provided the Police Department with proof that they have received at least a first dose of COVID-19 vaccination(s) or have an exemption request to the vaccination requirements submitted by May 31, 2022 will be placed on U-Vax Leave beginning June 6, 2022. Employees on a leave of absence on the Effective Date of the Award must comply with this provision before being permitted to return to work.

So this a-hole, along with the FOP, will place police personnel on leave while we’re already extremely shorthanded and as homicides continue to rise. Brilliant!

Employees who do not come into compliance by becoming vaccinated or submitting an approved exemption request by the end of the U-Vax Leave may be separated from employment.

Believe me when I tell you, Jim Kenney would be ecstatic at the thought of firing police officers who are unvaccinated. This is not a bluff, and I guarantee officers will be fired by the end of summer.

Good News, Philadelphia!

Some big things are happening in the city of Philadelphia. Mask mandates are back – despite the fact no one wore them during Monday’s Sixers game – shootings are skyrocketing, and the Philadelphia Police Department hired a Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Hurrah!

The following is from an email sent by the “police commissioner.”

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to announce that the newest member of our Executive Team, Leslie Marant will be joining the Philadelphia Police Department in a historic appointment as our first Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. In steadfast commitment to our goal of organizational excellence, this position and office have been established to oversee diversity and inclusion efforts at every level of our organization.

One would think we would be more concerned about our 141 homicides.

Ms. Marant will be responsible for overall organizational development and implementation of the Department’s Equity and Inclusion programs, strategic framework, and work/life policies and programs. She will also provide guidance and operational assistance in the development of enterprise strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion, including governance structure, policies, procedures, metrics, benchmarks, action plans, and processes to effectively support leadership.

So in other words, this position is simply a money grab for one of our corrupt politician’s cronies. At least the department’s priorities are in order, and it will be money terribly spent.