Sunday Services

Since we’re remembering those who gave their lives for this country, I decided against posting some leftist actress of vapid model. Instead, I figured I’d post some of the babes at Pin-Ups For Vets.

Pin-Ups For Vets raises funds to improve Veterans’ health care, donates funds to VA hospitals for medical equipment and program expansion, improves quality of life for ill Veterans across the United States through personal bedside visits to deliver gifts, promotes volunteerism at Veterans Hospitals, supports homeless Veterans with clothing and calendar gifts delivered to shelters, boosts morale for military wives and female Veterans with makeovers and clothing, and boosts morale for deployed troops through delivery of care packages.

Pinups For Vets is a terrific organization, and one to which I have donated. Plus, the pin=ups are all fabulous babes; and really, isn’t that why America was founded?

There are more photos below the fold…

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