Die, Eagles, Die…

There are few organizations I despise more than the Philadelphia Eagles. Most of them are overpaid, ignorant, cop-hating clowns who spend more time being woke than playing football. Their fans – many, but not all – are usually drunken, white trash slobs who worship these scumbags, and hang their very lives on the team.

As usual, the Eagles backed into the playoffs with a pathetic 9-7 record, and immediately the white trash fans started screeching about the Super Bowl. Eagles fans are notoriously overconfident about this team, even though they’ve won one Super Bowl in a half century and their quarterback is mediocre at best.

The good news is the NFC East “Champions” lost to a dismal Seattle Seahawks team by a score of 17-9. The greatest team in football managed only three field goals. Thee loss made not only my day, but my month, and I will gladly bathe in Eagles fans’ tears.

Here’s hoping the Eagles miss the playoffs for the next seven years. They can win again after I’m retired and 2,000 miles away.