God Bless Ballistic Vests

Meet Meridian, Idaho police officer Erin Bustos. Erin was working hard keeping the streets safe when she noticed pain in her breast when she wore her ballistic vest. The pain may have saved her life.

In Idaho, Meridian Police Officer Erin Bustos was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma on March 5, 2021, shortly before her 30th birthday. That diagnosis came after Bustos sought answers for the consistent pain in her right breast while wearing her department-issued bulletproof vest.

Her diagnosis, already unexpected, was even more shocking considering Bustos is an otherwise healthy young adult with no previous history of breast cancer in her family.

I keep thinking about the irony of her last name: Bustos.

Before embarking on a series of chemotherapy treatments, Bustos was given more life-changing news. If she wished to start a family of her own, she would need to be cleared and start in-vitro fertilization immediately. By the end of her cycle, she and her husband had a record amount of embryos at their fertility clinic, writing in a Facebook post they had 33 viable embryos out of 48 eggs.

The good news is Bustos is likely to recover, and eventually be able to start a family. I cannot imagine what would have happened if she ignored the pain.

Caption Contest Winners

The Kenya Hear Me Now Caption Contest is now over.

Top Three Entries:
3. Democrats running from the truth. – Cathy
2. Whoever thought “Gilbert Gottfried Sings Showtunes” was a good idea should be indicted for crimes against humanity. – J-Dub

WINNER! – The protesters were no match for the rotation of Coldplay, Mariah Carey and Obama speeches broadcast over the airports speaker system… – Sully

Arrest Me! Arrest Me!!

German Police Officer Adrienne KoleszarMeet Adrienne Koleszar.

Adrienne is arguably the hottest police officer in Dresden, Germany, if not the globe, and now she is taking Instagram by storm.

I believe an international internship would be beneficial to both our municipalities, and I hereby volunteer to show Adrienne what it’s like to be a big-city police detective.

The so-called “hottest cop” is on the beat and she’s packing muscle. Adrienne Koleszar writes on Instagram, “Yes, I am a police officer in Germany and yes, I love my job.”

The Internet is now loving Koleszar, whose Instagram of revealing fitness photos has swelled almost double to more than 157,00 followers amid a swarm of media attention in the past few days.

Trust me, that’s not the only thing which has swelled. I literally cannot stand up right now.

There are more photos below the fold…

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You Have The Right To Remain Aroused

Policeman Stripper

Police work is a tough, thankless job. It is also very dangerous, as one British cop realized.

Mike Ober said he was forced to “beat a hasty retreat” after female guests at a social club in Bradford-on-Avon “went wild with excitement.”

Ober spotted a door propped open and decided to investigate. But once inside, he was greeted with wild cheers by the mainly female guests.

“The party was about to get started and they thought I was early,” said the engaged police community support officer, who is in his 20s.

I remember what it was like being a single, 20-something cop. If this happened to me, it would take housekeeping a fortnight to clean the mess… and I would not have recommend bringing a blacklight.