In Defense Of The Police

Yesterday I was at AOSHQ when Ace posted about the Trump MAGA Rally in D.C., and the lack of protection given Trump supporters by the D.C. police. The officers literally stood around as Antifa and BLM animals started assaulting Trump supporters.

Naturally, the comments were feisty, and the conversation quickly turned into “all cops are bad,” or cops are “Nazis and Stasi,” on my favorite; cops are “pigs.” Now anyone who knows me understands I hear worse things walking to the building in the morning.

In twenty-six years, I have been assaulted, threatened, had my family threatened, and called every name in the book, so the comments themselves didn’t bother me. I effectively said, “Have a great day,” and logged off.

What did bother me, at least a little bit, were the continuous attacks on every police officer in every city and town in America. It couldn’t just be some members of the D.C. Police; every single cop in America is a corrupt fascist.

Obviously, I disagree, but I can understand their anger. Regular readers here know I am no cop apologist; read any of my True Detective Stories. There are some awful police officers in my department; people who should never be issued a badge, let alone a gun. There are officers who joined the force solely for the power trip, or were bullied in high school, or just wanted a paycheck while doing as little as possible.

There are also officers who truly want to help people. The officers who stay late on a job and don’t ask for overtime. The officers who sit with victims in the courtroom as a means of support. The detectives who drop everything and run seven blocks because our friend was just murdered.

In twenty-six years, I have seen twenty-five police officers killed in the line of duty. One was a friend, one was a coworker, and one was a former coworker. I have seen awful suicides, unspeakable homicides, and children who have been sexually assaulted. I was a half a block away when someone opened up with an AK-47, and was twenty feet away when another jackass fired into the air with an AK on New Year’s Eve, 2001.

Oh, and in twenty-six years, while working in some of the most violent neighborhoods in the city, I have exactly zero use of force complaints. Zero.

None of these events make me a hero, but it also doesn’t make me a Nazi. If you have a problem with an officer – or group of officers – hey, have at it. But insinuating all cops are bad, corrupt, or incompetent, is painting a group of people with a broad brush.

P.S.I turned off comments for this post. Not because I feared angry comments – like I’d care – but because I didn’t want this to be a praise-fest, either.

Jacob Frey, The Pride Of Minneapolis

The leftist, Trump-hating mayor of Minneapolis released an order this week stating the city’s police officers could not attend today’s President Trump rally in uniform.

Minneapolis police officers pushed back after Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey implemented a new policy banning police officers from wearing their uniforms to political events. Their specially-designed red “Cops for Trump” t-shirts were selling out as fast as they could print them.

According to Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, the new policy was implemented just after Frey learned that President Donald Trump was planning to hold a rally in his city.

Good for the officers! I’d like to believe this douche would not be reelected, but it’s Minneapolis, the garbage town who voted in the rabidly anti-Semitic, brother-marrying Ilhan Omar.

Frey had responded to the Trump team’s planned rally with a statement, saying, “Under ordinary circumstances, it would be an honor to welcome a sitting President of the United States to Minneapolis and to showcase all our city has to offer on the national stage. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances. Since taking office President Trump’s actions have been reprehensible and his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities.”

Yeah, Trump’s a monster, what with the booming economy and low unemployment. I’m sure no one in Minneapolis is benefiting from his policies, right Jake? Just stay in your safe space until the bad orange man is finished speaking.

Harris: Cops Harass,Take Up Space

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris agreed with Salon editor D. Watkins that police officers “harass and take up space in poor communities.” Damn, they found us out!

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) acknowledged Salon’s editor-at-large D. Watkins was “right” about police officers after he claimed “they just harass and take up space in poor communities.”

Near the beginning of the video, Watkins criticized police officers and their role in poor communities.

“We shouldn’t have to acknowledge their trauma because they’re paid to be there. We live in these places. Police officers have historically not been held accountable because they protect and serve the rich and then they just harass and take up space in poor communities,” Watkins said. “I don’t see any type of big shift happening with the one term because it’s like a cultural thing.”

“Right,” Harris said while nodding her head.

Funny, I heard Harris got to the top by nodding her head, if you know what I mean.

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Weekend Caption Contest

The Kenya Hear Me Now Caption Contest
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Original Caption: Kenya Airways workers are dispersed by riot police officers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport during a labor dispute that grounded flights near Nairobi, Kenya. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

True Detective Stories

Note: This incident occurred on Friday, but I needed a few days to process it before I could coherently describe it without smashing my computer and throwing it into the garbage disposal.

So Friday afternoon I was driving to work and stopped at a local Wawa. (It’s a mini market popular on the east coast.) I walk toward the door and see a family approaching. It’s a mom, young daughter and even younger son. They’re white, seem nice enough, and the kids are wearing Catholic school uniforms. I’m wearing my work pullover, which has the detective badge and my division sewn on.

Being a nice guy, I open the door and hold it for the trio. The young daughter smiles at me, but the boy stops dead in his tracks. I see the boy turn to the mother and say something, but I cannot make it out. The daughter then informs me and the few other people in the area.

“Mom, he said he’s scared of police officers.”


The boy looks at me and the color goes out of his face. He refuses to move as long as I am standing there. The daughter again says, “He’s scared of police officers.” My first instinct was to ask the mother, “I wonder where he got that idea?” but I let it go.

I also let the door go, and walked into the store, shaking my head.

This is the sort of garbage I have to deal with on a weekly basis. I expect it in the ‘hood, but not a mile or so from my house. This kid was – probably – indoctrinated by his parents to be afraid of the police. That’s all well and good, but what happens when the boy is caught up in a real emergency? Where does he go for help?

I’ve been saying it for a while, and I think Mrs. Earp believes I’m not serious, but I am. I plan to retire in ten years, and I’m leaving not just this city, but this state. I will not be forced to live the rest of my days surrounded by people who despise me. You only get on chance in life, and I am not spending my entire life in Philadelphia.

I’m not doing it.