The Unco Squad

No matter where you are in this madcap crazy world, one thing is for sure: everybody poops. Of course, while everybody poops, only one country decides to share the news with their friends and relatives.

The Unko Button is a palm-sized box that records your baby’s bowel movements at the touch of a button, instantly sharing the announcement through popular messaging app Line with the members of the chat group you’ve designated to receive the news.

The name of the Unko Button is slightly misleading, as the box actually has two buttons on it, one to record bowel movements and one for urination. The developers say that the Unko Button is great for busy parents who want to track their infant’s digestive functions, but don’t have the time to stop and record each poop or pee expulsion.

I’m starting to think the radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki irreparably damaged Japanese DNA.