Pope Francis Puts Out A Good Take

While I am a Catholic, I have never been a fan of Woke Pope Francis. Yes, I realize he is the Pope and yes I realize I should afford him some modicum of respect, but his wokeness really gets on my nerves. However, he did speak out about families deciding to not have children, and it was one of the first things he ever said where I was in agreement.

During a general audience at the Vatican, he said: “Today … we see a form of selfishness. We see that some people do not want to have a child. Sometimes they have one, and that’s it, but they have dogs and cats that take the place of children. This may make people laugh but it is a reality.”

Pet keeping was “a denial of fatherhood and motherhood and diminishes us, takes away our humanity”, he said. The consequence was that “civilisation grows old without humanity because we lose the richness of fatherhood and motherhood, and it is the country that suffers”.

I mentioned this story because Dennis Prager responded to some dolt CNN writer who claimed not having children will help the environment. Prager expanded on a great point. “I think leftists shouldn’t have children,” and suggested less leftists in America would be a good thing. I absolutely agree.

Caption Contest Winners

The That’s Not The Kingpin Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. My commie sense is tingling! – Veeshir
4. “Yes, Aunt May is a widow and no, you can’t have her number. NO, NOT FLASH THOMPSON’S NUMBER EITHER!” – Mitchell Strand
3. Yo! P-Frank – some of your parish priests make the Spidey-Sense go off…and not in a good way! – RudyTBone
2. Well, that’s one way for Biden to get communion. – MelP

WINNER! – One of these men knows that with great power comes great responsibility. – Mike AKA Proof

Pope On The Ropes

Meet Brazilian Instagram model Natalia Garibotto.

Natalia is very popular on Instagram, where she has collected 2.3 million followers… and apparently one Pope.

Pope Francis is making headlines after his Instagram account was caught liking a very cheeky photo.

Posted by Instagram model Natalia Garibotto, shows her leaning against lockers in a skimpy schoolgirl-and-suspenders outfit that leaves her very well-rounded derrière exposed. The 27-year-old Brazilian captioned the image with a call for subscribers and a smiling devil face.

“I can teach you a thing or two,” she wrote. “Can’t wait for you guys to see my October shoot on my site.”

Truth be told, I have never been a fan of Pope Francis; he’s a leftist in the mold of Barack Obama, and has done a tremendous amount of damage to Catholic Church and its teachings. That said, I’ll give the guy props for noticing “talent” when he sees it.

Vatican Denies Pompeo Audience With Pope

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requested an audience with Pope Francis this week, but was denied by Vatican officials. I’m sure the Pope is just really busy this week. Or something.

Two officials for the Vatican announced Wednesday that Pope Francis had denied U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s request for an audience, and shared concerns Pompeo’s visit would be an effort to get the Vatican to denounce China ahead of a deal between the Vatican and Beijing.

In fairness, it’s not the Vatican’s job to address human rights issues…

The Vatican’s two top diplomats, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Foreign Minister Archbishop Paul Gallagher told Reuters that Pope Francis had denied the request for a meeting as part of a Vatican policy to avoid meeting politicians ahead of elections. Both officials said they were also surprised by remarks Pompeo made at an event hosted by the U.S. embassy to the Holy See, in which he denounced China’s record on religious freedom ahead of Vatican plans to renew an agreement with Beijing on the selection of Chinese bishops.

China literally created concentration, er, “re-education” camps for Muslims, but I guess this pales in comparison with the selection of Chinese bishops.

Parolin, explaining the decision to deny Pompeo’s meeting request, said, “Yes, [Pompeo] asked. But the pope had already said clearly that political figures are not received in election periods. That is the reason.”

Hmm, that’s interesting, because I’m fairly certain there will be Chinese political figures running the agreement with the Vatican.

You know, I am arguably the worst Catholic in America, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s this: Pope Francis is a leftist who is cares more about keeping Catholics “woke” than he is about atrocious human rights violations.

Pope Or A Dope?

Pope Francis, arguably the most leftist pontiff in history, is now screeching that the United States had a distorted vision of the world.

Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Thursday that the United States of America—and Russia, China, North Korea and Bashar al Assad’s Syria—have “a distorted vision of the world.”

“I am afraid there are very dangerous alliances between powers who have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria,” the pope said. “The danger concerns immigration,” the pope continued to La Repubblica. “Our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world today is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants.”

I’m sure he meant to say “terrorists,” but whatever. The United States of America values freedom, but it also values the rule of law. We don’t simply take in every wretched soul who lands on our soil, especially in the age of Islamic terror. Maybe self-preservation is an instinct Pope Francis does not possess, but it is one very important to the citizens of this country.

Fifty Shades Of Pray

Madonna Like A PrayerPope Francis has released a text on love, sex, and marriage. In it, the pontiff shares his belief that married couples should enjoy erotic sex. Finally, Catholicism is paying off!

Pope Francis has encouraged married couples to enjoy ‘erotic’ sex and claimed sexual desire is essential to developing ‘self-mastery’ of one’s own body.

Excerpts from his 260-age ‘Joy of Love’ text reveal Francis’ belief that the pursuit of sexual pleasures helps life become ‘good and happy’ and should be considered a ‘gift from god’.

I wonder if the church will be distributing handcuffs and ball gags after Sunday services now?

For the record, I always include faith in my lovemaking; usually by praying that I don’t finish too soon. Wait, did I write that out loud?