She Has The Power

Meet Alissa Neeley of Iowa. Wait, Iowa??

Alissa was booked into the Circa Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but was evicted after she decided to go off her trolley.

A woman was arrested on Monday night after allegedly causing a power outage at the Circa hotel and casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Police were called to Garage Mahal, Circa’s parking garage, about 10 p.m. on Feb. 1 about the woman who had entered a secure fire control room. Police were initially told she locked herself in and had disconnected wires which shut off power to the parking garage, hotel and casino.

Unfortunately for all of us, the story then took a disturbing turn.

Officers talked to security who said the woman was sitting in a chair inside the fire control room naked. Security knew her, as they had trespassed her earlier in the evening. Police said she was staying at the property and was evicted after she was found walking around the hotel floors naked and was going into employee-only rooms.

This has been stated many times here, but it bears repeating. In my decades as a lawdog, every naked female I have ever encountered on the job looked more like Richard Simmons than Jean Simmons.

We Now Return To You Regular Boredom

Sorry about the lack of posts today – or you’re welcome if you hate this blog – but life interfered.

My neighbor Denny – aka Captain America – had his two five-story tall trees taken down. It has been an all-day project, and because of the height of the trees, the electric company left us without power. All day. On my day off.

So no video games, no blogging, and no sharing my sex tapes on YouTube.

In the interim, I did get a few things done. I reorganized the shed, bought new work shoes, and washed my balls. Well, my lacrosse balls. After a while lacrosse balls turn into “greasers” – not Mexicans, the other kind. Dirt, wetness, and the elements make the balls lose their grip, so – like my personal balls – they need to be scrubbed.

Unfortunately, they need to be scrubbed with sandpaper – the lacrosse balls, not my personal balls. It’s a long, painstaking job, but I cleaned two dozen balls in a few hours, so now I don’t have to hear Kyle whining about his shots going awry for a week or two.

I promise tomorrow will be a full plate, and I think I finally have a really good caption contest photo. Time will tell.