Die Another Day

Last week I mentioned (in passing) I was troubled with some medical issues. These issues were in addition to the cellulitis, which has now subsided. (Thanks to DocRambo for his expert advice, by the way.)

Any hoo, my last blood test found an elevated level of PSAs. What are PSAs? I had no idea, so I looked it up.

PSA: Prostate specific antigen. A test for PSA may be used to screen for cancer of the prostate and to monitor treatment of the disease.

PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland. Although most PSA is carried out of the body in semen, a very small amount escapes into the blood stream. The PSA test is done on blood. Since the amount of PSA in blood is normally minute, the PSA test requires a very sensitive method based on monoclonal antibody technology. PSA in blood can be by itself as free PSA or it can join with other substances in the blood as bound PSA. Total PSA is the sum of free and bound forms. This is what is measured as the standard PSA test.

Yeah, scary. The urologist appointment was yesterday, and after an hour of poking, prodding, and (unfortunate) poking, the doc believes I’m in a good place. The prostate is a normal size, and there are no red flags as of yet. The doc will, however, keep on top off the PSA count, and I’ll be continuing with follow-ups. So, good news.

Oh, the (unfortunate) prodding was exactly what you’d think. The ol’ finger in the butt. Dude didn’t even buy me dinner first.

I was able to snare the video of the examination’s aftermath. It’s below the fold.

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