Protesting For All The Right Reasons

A group of pro-nudity protesters are set to form a picket line outside Instagram’s corporate headquarters to address the company’s capricious suspension rules. Wait, a Mark Zuckerberg company suspends people for inexplicable reasons? The hell you say!

Dozens of adult performers are set to picket Instagram’s Silicon Valley headquarters over guidelines about photos containing nudity. The inconsistency of the rules, they say, has led to hundreds of thousands of account suspensions and is imperiling their livelihoods.

Adult performers are leading the protest on Wednesday, but other users including artists, sex workers, queer activists, sex education platforms and models say they have been affected by the platform’s opaque removal system.

Most users affected are not criticizing the platform for enforcing standards; instead, they complain that the Facebook-owned Instagram doesn’t notify users which standards were violated and provides little direction about how to restore accounts.

It’s high time the Facebook conglomerate/monopoly be disbanded. Lots of conservatives decry Teddy Roosevelt for his “trust-busting,” but I admired the man for exactly that. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. own virtually everything, and are untouchable when people are aggrieved – like model Rachel Clugston, above – by their websites.

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5. Pose for a picture, get a free cell phone and a bag of Takis. Sweet! – Jim
4. “Cut! Third cop from the right stop smiling. Get the kids shoes off and make his feet look bloody. I want this to make the sucker libtards cry in horror” – Cathy
3. Those Tijuana tacos are silent but deadly. – Ingineer66
2. Looks like Comey did get subpoenaed after all. – MelP

WINNER! – Honduran planking finalist…. – Sully

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Original Caption: Fernando Velosque, a 6-year-old migrant boy from Honduras, part of a caravan of thousands from Central America trying to reach the United States, lies on the ground in front of Mexican riot police as migrants gather outside the El Chaparral port of entry of border crossing between Mexico and the United States, as seen from Tijuana, Mexico. REUTERS/Hannah McKay