Caption Contest Winners

The And The Beat Goes On Caption Contest is now over.

Top Three Entries:
3. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. – Jim
2. Oh yeah, I’d bang that. – Barry D.

WINNER! – Historical reenactment of Donald Trump beating Joe Biden like a rented mule. – Mike AKA Proof

Weekend Caption Contest

And The Beat Goes On Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

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Original Caption: Demonstrators participate in a protest against poverty and police violence, in Bogota, Colombia. REUTERS/Nathalia Angarita

Fascism, It’s What’s For Dinner

So I saw this story the other day and I assumed it was something from The Onion or The Babylon Bee. The Raleigh (NC) Police Department arrested people who were peacefully protesting North Carolina’s shutdown.

Sadly, this actually happened in the United States of America.

Police arrested protesters at a #reopenNC rally in North Carolina, where restless citizens demanded businesses in the state be allowed to reopen.

North Carolina is one of 43 states currently under a stay at home order over the coronavirus pandemic. Protesters gathered flying “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, and one person could be seen holding a sign reading “freedom isn’t free.”

The Raleigh Police Department tweeted that the protesters were in violation of Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s executive order, and asked them to disperse.

When asked what part of the governor’s order the protesters were violating, the Raleigh PD Twitter page responded with, “Protesting is a non-essential activity.” Are you f**king kidding me?

Dear citizens of North Carolina, please submit your lawsuits in an orderly fashion, and see to it this despicable governor is removed from office. Thank you.

Hong Kong Sings U.S. National Anthem

The Hong Kong protesters – I call them freedom fighters – started singing The Star-Spangled Banner on Thanksgiving after President Trump signed two bills condemning Red China.

On Thanksgiving Day (in the evening, actually) Hong Kong protesters decided to sing the American national anthem as a gesture of thanks for President Trump signing two bills into law Wednesday that condemned China. When they were done with “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the protesters chanted “USA, USA, USA.”

The first of the two bills signed into law by President Trump on Wednesday requires the State Department to certify once a year that Hong Kong is sufficiently autonomous to retain its special U.S. trading consideration. The second bill, meanwhile, makes it illegal to sell munitions like tear gas and rubber bullets to Hong Kong police.

To the Hong Kong protesters, these bills are proof that the United States has their back. America offers them moral support, and they are grateful for it.

Yes, this move will anger the Chinese, but I believe the upside greatly outweighs the downside. The previous president never stood up for those desiring freedom across the pond, with disastrous results. These bills may not be all that important in the grand scheme of things, but to those protesters, it means everything.

Caption Contest Winners

The Knights Who Say Knee! Caption Contest is now over.

Top Three Entries:
3. I’m reminded of the UPS slogan, “What can Brown do for you.?” Maybe it should be, “What did Brown do to you?” This also applies to the Antonio Brown saga.. – Sully
2. Cop: Sigh, why don’t we ever deal with protesters from Victoria’s Secret? – Barry D.

WINNER! – BJ’s $20! $10 for cops. – William

Weekend Caption Contest

The Knights Who Say Knee! Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

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Original Caption: Protesters from the Center for Popular Democracy chant ‘we won’t back down on Brown’ (in reference to the Supreme Court case Brown v Board) as they are detained for demonstrating outside the office of U.S. Sen. Mark Warner in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington. REUTERS/Sarah Silbiger