You Can’t Spell Baptists Without PSAT

kyles-psat-scoreNo, I literally have no idea how that title is relevant to this post, but it looked kinda Christmasy.

Do Baptists even celebrate Christmas?

Anyway, this is Kyle’s minty-fresh PSAT score. Kyle, a sophomore, took the test for the first time, and was hesitant in his expectations. Now, back when I was a lad – walking to school uphill in the snow BOTH WAYS! – a perfect score was 1600. Nowadays, a perfect score is apparently 2400(?) so I’m guessing Kyle’s score was more impressive when parachute pants were in style. UPDATE: Mrs. Earp just informed me a prefect score is 1520-1600, and this is Kyle’s second time taking the PSAT. He scored a 950 in the first go ’round.

Of course, I don’t remember if I took the PSAT, but my SAT score was a mediocre 1090. It was enough to get accepted to three schools (St. Joseph’s, LaSalle, and Ursinus), so I figure that was good enough.

Kyle’s grades are much better than mine, so even if his PSAT score is so-so, his grades will help him in the long run. Either way, I’m proud of the boy. Standardized tests aren’t usually his milieu.