Putting The Psycho In Psychotherapist

A Minnesota psychotherapist was arrested after having sex with one of her patients for months while she was “treating” him. The man had been classified as a “vulnerable adult” by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

A psychotherapist charged a vulnerable patient $200 an hour for therapy – then made him have sexual intercourse with her.

Johanna Lee Lamm, 43, reportedly spent between around eight months months taking advantage of the man after he visited her clinic in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Lamm’s alleged abuse was uncovered in August, after she called police to say the unnamed man had sexually assaulted her.

Right there is the justification for putting this bitch in jail for the rest of her miserable life.

The shrink told gave cops her phone, and claimed the man would say they were having a consensual affair. Police officers subsequently spoke to the man, who said he and Lamm been having a sexual relationship over several months.

He also handed over his phone, which contained text messages and audio recordings which are said to back up his claims.

I can’t say all therapists are complete hacks – my psychiatrist was wonderful in getting me out of depression – but it seems like many of there “professionals” do their patients more harm than good.

*And yes, I would bang it like a screen door in a hurricane.