A Streetcar Named The Ire

While our neighbors to the north are happy souls who are notoriously polite, many seem to lack the necessary skills to function in society. Or butter their flapjacks.

A car drove into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel disrupting TTC service in the early hours of Sunday morning. Just after midnight, a car drove onto the tracks of the tunnel and was stuck for about four hours.

Despite flashing lights and five signs leading up to the tunnel alerting drivers to not enter, vehicles keep getting stuck on the tracks.

Since 2014, there have been more than 25 incidents of cars driving in the tunnel. The TTC installed lower lights, extra signs and deep rumble strips at the entrance of the tunnel in April 2017 to stop drivers from entering.

So some idiotic canuck drives into the tunnel once every two months? Outstanding. It won’t be long before the Queen disowns Canada entirely.