Is It Possible They’re Learning?

So the other day, Britney Spears put out an Instagram post trashing Tinseltown, saying she would rather hang out with the homeless than Hollywood.

Britney Spears knocked Hollywood culture in a recently deleted Instagram post in which she admitted that she would rather hang out with homeless people than Hollywood people.

Posting a “God Is Not Nice” meme, Spears seemed to imply that being “hot and nice” was a Hollywood trait and not a particularly pleasant one. “Does that mean the devil is extremely hot and nice??? I’d rather hang out with homeless people than people in Hollywood … JUST SAYING!!!!” she wrote in the now-deleted post.

I don’t know who Ana de Armas is, but apparently she is getting sick and tired of Hollywood as well.

Exactly what prompted Spears’ post remains unknown but her comments knocking Hollywood comes after actress Ana de Armas said she stopped living in Hollywood due to the culture.

“This is not the place for me to be,” she said of Los Angeles.

You could probably make the case that Los Angeles is the place for no one. Literally no one should ever live there, but then again, people flock to Chicago and New York, so…