Old Yeller

Michelle Obama Jackson State University

Michelle Obama delivered a commencement address this weekend at Jackson State University – a historically black college, go figure – and flapped her gums about Mississippi’s religious freedom law.

In a rare entrance into a politically charged controversy, first lady Michelle Obama used a commencement speech Saturday at Jackson State University in Mississipppi to directly target the state’s recently-passed “religious freedom” bill.

A “rare entrance” into politics? Is ABC News smoking crack? This twatwaffle offers her insipid opinions on everything from Obamacare to the Academy Awards. Normally I would advise her to shut her word hole and look pretty, but, you know, look at her.

“We see it right here in Mississippi — just two weeks ago -– how swiftly progress can hurtle backward,” Obama said. “How easy it is to single out a small group and marginalize them because of who they are or who they love.”

I am literally choking on the irony – or is that Michelle Obama’s man-stink? The Mississippi legislation ensures business owners are not punished for refusing service which they believe violates their religious beliefs and moral convictions. By forcing them to violate their religious beliefs, as the Wookie would prefer, Christians and other religious people are being singled out and marginalized.

But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good rant?

Captain Unamerica

Disney's Liberalsim

Walt Disney and Marvel have threatened to boycott the state of Georgia in response to the state’s proposed religious freedom bill, because liberals only believe in freedom from religion.

Walt Disney and Marvel, a Disney subsidiary, are threatening to boycott Georgia if Governor Nathan Deal signs into law a religious freedom bill that recently passed the Georgia state legislature.

The bill, HB 575, was initially designed to protect businesses and non-profits whose owners had religious objections to providing services for and participating in gay “marriages”; however, the new version is less accommodating to religious freedom.

So the governor already backed down to the libtards, but that wasn’t enough for Disney and Marvel, because any religious objections solely made by Christians is racist and bigoted.

Even this watered-down version of the bill, however, has caused Disney, and with it the Georgia-based Marvel studios, to threaten a boycott of the state should Governor Deal sign it.

“Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law,” a spokesman for Burbank-based Disney said. (H/TAOSHQ)

This from the company which fired 250 American employees after forcing them to train their foreign replacements. Ace at Ace of Spades has been urging conservatives to ban Disney and Marvel for a long time, but I always hesitated because my kids and I like Marvel films. I think it’s high time I change my stance, though, because far too many liberal organizations pull crap like this. I think I should start punishing Disney and Marvel in the wallet.