The Left’s Culture Of Hatred Is Growing

Make no mistake, the GOP congressional shootings are just the latest in a long line of violence against Republicans. It’s only a matter of time until someone is killed.

New York Rep. Claudia Tenney received an email shortly after the shooting that read, “One down, 216 to go,” The Hill reported. One of Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett’s town halls last month featured a heavy police presence after Garrett and his family were targeted by repeated death threats. “This is how we’re going to kill your wife,” read one such message, Garrett told Politico.

Just days after the Politico article ran, FBI agents arrested a Tucson Unified School District employee for making violent threats against Arizona Rep. Martha McSally. Agents said 58-year-old Steve Martan left threatening voicemails for McSally, telling the Republican congresswoman that her days were “numbered.”

The article continues to list many examples of violence and threats of violence against Republicans, which brings me to a larger point made by many pundits yesterday. When there is violence against Democrats, the media immediately blames talk radio and Republican “rhetoric.” Yesterday, after it was confirmed the shooter was a rabid Leftist, the media began a coordinated effort to call for an end to the toxic political culture… after promoting it for years.

Um, no.

I have no desire to hold hands and sing kumbaya with people who insult me, disparage me, and want to hurt me because of my political affiliation. They are not honest about it, because when some Democrat is targeted, they will immediately drop their Shiny Happy People nonsense and blame us again.

I’m sick of the politicians and the media who gin up hatred of conservatives on a daily basis, then clutch their pearls when someone assaults a Republican lawmaker. You people hand a hand in this, as you did with these college campus uprisings and the attacks on police officers. It’s high time you owned it.

To paraphrase The Godfather, “Leave your kumbaya, take the blame.”


GOP Congressman Shot By Gunman

Five people, including Congressman Steve Scalise, were shot by a gunman during a GOP baseball practice this morning in Alexandria, Virginia. The politicians were practicing for an upcoming charity game.

Scalise is currently listed in stable condition, and expected to recover.

Five people including the House Majority Whip Steve Scalise were shot at a GOP baseball practice on Wednesday morning. Scalise was shot in the hip by the gunman who fired between 50 and 100 rounds from his rifle before being brought down by Capitol Police.

Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis said the shooter asked the group of they were Republicans or Democrats before opening fire. Two members of Scalise’s security detail were also shot and an unnamed congressional staffer was shot in the leg.

For the record, I have no idea if DeSantis’ report of the shooter’s motive is true. I just want to put that out there because I’m tired. I’m tired of politics, tired of all the hatred, and tired of getting angry at the way this country is collapsing around itself. /sermon

Scalise was the only one in the group who had been accompanied by a Capitol Police security detail. Senator Rand Paul, who was also there but was not hurt, said that had they not been there to stop the shooter, all of those targeted would have died.

While morons on Twitter are calling for gun control, the key point to this story is another bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun.