You Want A Hero? She Is A Hero

A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer responded to a 911 call about an infant who was drowning in a Florida lake. Officer Me’Atia Sanderson was the first to respond, and dove into the lake to rescue the infant.

Oh, did I mention Officer Sanderson cannot swim? Yeah.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Me’Atia Sanderson saved the life of an infant drowning in a retention pond in June. The video showed Sanderson rushing to help the child, pulling him out of the water, then performing CPR until paramedics arrived.

In the body cam video, Officer Sanderson arrives at an apartment complex and immediately dashes toward a retention pond behind one of the buildings. “Help! Over here!” A woman can be heard shouting. Sanderson rushes towards her. “Where’s the baby at?” the officer asks.

A witness pointed to where the infant had drowned, and without hesitation, she dove into the water.

“I’m getting him, I’m getting him,” she continued.

The camera is fully underwater for several seconds as Sanderson can be seen retrieving the baby from the water, then clambering back onto the grass.

“Put him down,” she tells a man standing over the child. Sanderson then performs CPR on the child. “Come on baby,” she says as she compresses the infant’s chest and performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Paramedics arrive shortly afterward. (H/T – Redneck Geezer)

Sanderson was heard saying, “Oh shit, Oh Lord” as she waded into the water, but despite her terror, she did her job and saved the infant after using CPR. Damned fine work, Officer Sanderson.