Google Is Not Your Friend

So last week the police commissioner sent out an email to all personnel, which came from the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center (DVIC). The email stated that the a-holes at Google are implementing two-step verification for all their properties. (Google Mail, Google Drive, Google Browser, etc.)

Included in the two-step verification will be a personal phone number which could jeopardize police investigations and sources. It will also be able to expose personal information of police personnel.

Open source information indicates that the access to any and all internet accounts/investigative tools which were created using a Google/G-mail account, including undercover and covert investigative tools, will be effected due to the Google two-step verification (2SV) rollout process. Furthermore, utilization of a personal phone number and/or email to resolve the 2SV rollout will pose a potential risk to personal information.

Throughout November and December 2021, Google will enroll users into a two-step verification (2SV) process in efforts to prevent unauthorized access to accounts and improve security. This will require that the phone number used to create the Google account will serve as a second step in the authentication process in order to log in.

I think Google knew this from the beginning. I also think their two-step verification has little to do with security and everything to do with collecting even more data from its customers. I wanted to post this because it’s not only police personnel who will be affected, but the country at large.

For their part, the DVIC recommended ditching Google and using Firefox as a primary browser.