Kyle’s march to high school graduation continued unabated last night with the Senior’s Ring Mass.

The mass was held at a local Catholic church, since the high school’s auditorium is not nearly large enough to handle the students and their families. Kyle’s ring is pretty kickass, with a blue stone, and his sport – lacrosse – etched onto the left side. (Click the pic to embiggen.) Kyle, being Kyle, said he would probably wear the ring during the Ring Mass, then stick it in a drawer and never wear it again.

And before you ask for more details, I cannot provide them, since I was working last night. Between the two college visits and our lack of manpower, I couldn’t take another night off. Instead, I spent a fantastic, entertaining evening surrounded by two shootings – including a six-year old who shot herself in the foot with irresponsible daddy’s gun – two robberies, a stabbing, and various aggravated assaults.

So if you missed seeing my smiling face, I wasn’t blowing it off; I was knee-deep in criminals and blood.