The Whoriest Place On Earth

Meet Rodney Davis of, well, guess the state.

Rodney is looking for love, and instead of hanging out in bars or joining a dating site, Rodney prefers to patronize houses of ill repute. Oh, did I mention Rodney is a security guard at Walt Disney World?

Rodney Davis wasn’t even wearing socks.

The 56-year-old Disney security guard and husband of 27 years was “buck nekkid,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, when he walked up to a house to purchase sex from an undercover detective. Davis’s arrest was one of 124 in Operation Santa’s Naughty List, a joint operation lead by Judd’s agency targeting human trafficking and prostitution that ran from Dec. 3 through 8.

Davis was among 46 johns – those seeking to purchase the services of a prostitute – arrested in the sting. Fifty-three were arrested for prostitution and another 18 for various crimes, mostly aiding, transporting and deriving proceeds from prostitution, Judd said.

Davis claimed he was on duty, and just showing the gals his “nightstick.” Okay, I just made that up.