She Put A Denton In Her Wallet

Meet Roseanna Denton of Pensacola, Flori-Duh.

Roseanna was rushed to the hospital for alleged drug abuse, and instead of lying back and enjoying the detox, Roseanna decided she would rather show the staff her Tasmanian Devil impersonation.

According to cops, Roseanna Denton, 28, was brought to Pensacola’s West Florida Hospital around 12:30 AM Saturday by her parents for “suspected drug use and erratic behavior.”

Denton’s kin told nurses that she “may have needles in her purse that could cause a hazard to hospital staff.”

Seen at right, Denton allegedly scuffled with nursing staffers who sought to restrain her, battering four victims in the process. Denton, cops allege, punched, kicked, scratched, and spit on the nurses (each of whom wanted to press charges against her).

And yes, when the drugs are out of her system, I’d tap that like a maple tree.