Black Drives Matter

A gaggle of girls grabbed a golf cart, got on the highway, and made a getaway to the ghetto after their Lyft failed to show up. The thieving thots then took their time traveling the turnpike.

A viral video posted to Twitter this weekend shows five girls cruising down Route 50 near Bowie, Maryland, in a stolen golf cart – apparently determined to make it to D.C. after missing their Lyft.

The video was captured by Gregory Green on September 12, who happened to drive past the girls and told them that what they were doing was not safe.

Dude, they stole a golf cart. You think they gave a rat’s ass if driving it on the highway was dangerous?

The driver of the golf cart asked Green if he would give them a ride since he was recording them with his phone. Some of the teens in the video could be seen trying to hide their faces with their masks and bonnets.

“Yes, I’ll give you a ride, because y’all need to pull over,” he said. But the girls kept driving and told Green to stop recording them.

I give Mr. Green credit for trying to save the lives of these dullards, but honestly, he should have let them carry on. No golf cart is making the trip from Bowie to D.C. without running out of gas, or without a much-needed charge. Then a tractor trailer could do Darwin’s work and blast the cart to pieces.