True Detective Gym Stories

You may know I have spent that last year or so getting myself back in shape. I’m still hovering about 188 pounds, but I have been biking ten miles every other day, and going to Planet Fitness on opposite days.

Being a spry 76-year old, I occasionally have aches and pains after a workout. My left shoulder is a complete mess, and while I think I should get it checked out, I’m worried they’ll tell me I need surgery. Otherwise, it’s usually aches and pains.

Until yesterday.

It was a great day. I was powering through all the machines, feeling good, and staring at the occasional babe in yoga pants. I would be out of the gym and on my way home in less than an hour. I sat at the rowing machine and added an extra ten pounds, since I have been easily doing reps with the previous weight.

I was on my third set of reps, and as I pulled the row back, something popped. I think I pulled a muscle in my lower back and when I went to stand up, the pain was excruciating. I skipped crunches and the back extensions, and was able to do a few leg exercises without too much discomfort.

Sadly, since I want to lose a few more pounds, I walked to the gym. It’s only a half mile, but when walking feels like a knife sticking you in the back, the trip took a little longer.

I made it home, sat on a chair for most of the day with the heating pad strapped to my back. I’m going to try to make it to work – I’m writing this Tuesday afternoon – but if I can’t put on clothes or my shoes, that’s not happening.

Thee worst part is I’ll be sidelined from the gym and the bike for a few days, which really pisses me off. God it sucks getting old.