Rush Limbaugh: 1951-2021

Rush Limbaugh, the man who reinvented talk radio and defined conservative has passed away after complications of lung cancer. Rush was 70 years old.

One of the world’s most studious and influential broadcast personalities that has ever lived – Rush Limbaugh – has passed away aged 70.

Limbaugh announced his battle with lung cancer to his multi-million-a-day audience back in January 2020. Since then, the radio giant had battled to continue bringing his show to his beloved audience, throughout one of the most fraught and contentious electoral battles the U.S. has ever seen.

Limbaugh, an avowed conservative, had been broadcasting his show since 1988 and was entered into the Radio Hall of Fame and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

My first contact with Rush was during his television show in the late 80’s. He was always entertaining, funny, and straight to the point. Rush made a deep impression upon me and shaped my political ideologies.

I’m extraordinarily proud that President Trump awarded Rush the Medal of Freedom when everyone knew each day could be Rush’s last. The man revolutionized conservatism, and he was a happy warrior, spouting facts instead of venom. Rush cannot be replaced, but I am thankful for the time he gave us all.

Rest if Peace, Rush. You will be terribly missed.

The $64,000 Question


Once in a while, Rush Limbaugh really ramps up his game. Yesterday’s last hour was brilliant, and addressed points I have brought up many times in the last few years. To wit:

I have a question for Republicans running for the House and the Senate: Why should people vote for you? It’s clear that you don’t want to stop Hillary Clinton.

It is clear that many of you do not want to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. So if it’s not important to keep her out of the White House, why is it important to elect you? The answers are, “Well, she’s gonna win because Trump is so bad, and we’re the people that are gonna stop her.” Yeah, but where’s the evidence you want to stop her? Where’s the evidence that you want to be around to put the brakes on?

So if you are a Republican and you just can’t abide Trump — which means you’re not serious about stopping Hillary; you’re not serious about keeping her out of the White House — then people should vote for you because?

In the House and the Senate and the governorship, that’s where you’re gonna stop Democrats???

Well, they cannot really stop Democrats with governorships, even if they wanted to do so, which they don’t. The can stop Democrats in the Senate, but in the years since we gave them control, the GOP has done nothing – literally nothing – to stop Barack Obama and his minions.

Every person’s answer to this question must be a personal one, but I know what I will be doing next month. I will be voting for Donald Trump – if for no other reason than to stop Hillary Clinton – and I will take every other candidate on a case-by-case basis. GOP incumbents who align themselves with the establishment will be skipped, and this GOP straight ticket nonsense ends now.