Judge Dread

Meet Irina Devayeva, a judge working in Moscow’s court system. Irina recently resigned from her position after someone hacked her phone and posted a topless photo of her.

A Russian judge has been forced to resign over a topless picture of her, months after showing leniency towards two anti-Putin teenagers in a court case.

Irina Devayeva has stood down after her mobile phone was seemingly hacked and the naked image stolen from it.

The official line is that she left the court ‘at her own request’ but there are concerns she may have been targeted by the Kremlin over the earlier case.

Ya think? Showing leniency toward anti-Putin defendants will get you anything but leniency by the Soviet strongman. You’d think Irina would know better.

By releasing the two teenagers from custody last year – after they were accused of plotting to overthrow Vladimir Putin’s government – she may have been seen as rebelling against the Kremlin’s line, it is feared.

This story is disgusting, and not just because Irina is gorgeous. Incidents like these have been the norm since Putin has taken over the country, and I would not be surprised if Irina eventually turns up dead. It’s not like Putin hasn’t had plenty of his own countrymen murdered for less.