SCOTUS Serves Shoppers The Shaft

The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, decided states can now charge sales tax for online shopping. Amazingly, the decision was supported by Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch.

States will be able to force more people to pay sales tax when they make online purchases under a Supreme Court decision that will leave shoppers with lighter wallets but is a big financial win for states.

Consumers can expect to see sales tax charged on more online purchases — likely over the next year and potentially before the Christmas shopping season — as states and retailers react to the court’s decision.

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision Thursday overruled a pair of decades-old decisions that states said cost them billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. The decisions made it more difficult for states to collect sales tax on certain online purchases, and more than 40 states had asked the high court for action. Five states don’t charge sales tax.

Federal income taxes, state taxes, and city wage taxes are all punitive fines on the American people. The Founders never believed taxes should be as widespread and as punitive as they have become. They also never envisioned collecting, and wasting, such vast amounts of money.

The first income taxes were created to raise money for war efforts; now the government collects money for everything and anything, only to be wasted on boondoggles. Sadly, the SCOTUS seems to side with government here instead of the citizens.

A Wolf In Creep’s Clothing

I want you... to pay your weight in taxes!
I want you… to pay your weight in taxes!

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is looking to raise the state’s sales tax to secure more money for education. Money, at least in Philly, which will be wasted. A Democrat raising taxes. That’s a new one.

A framework to end the months-long budget impasse between Gov. Wolf and Republican legislators in Harrisburg includes increasing the sales-tax rate – from 6 percent, to 7.25 percent – to raise $2 billion in new revenue. At least $400 million of that money would go to education. Some of the rest would also be applied to reducing property taxes across the state, although no details have emerged.

In Allegheny County and Philadelphia, where additional local sales taxes are imposed, the total rates would be 8.25 percent and 9.25 percent, respectively. Only Chicago would have a higher rate than Philadelphia.

Tax experts say the sales tax extracts an especially high price on the poor.

Actually, ass-hammock, raising taxes 1.25 percent will extract a high price on every Pennsylvanian, especially those poor bastards stuck in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Governor douche canoe could not have won the election without those two cities, and his first order of business was to bang them… right in the corn chute.