So Long America, You Had A Good Run

A public school in Ohio is doing away with their valedictorian and salutatorian in 2020. The school claims they do not want to promote a “competitive culture,” which is a fancy was of saying they do not want their students prepared for the real world.

Mason High School students will no longer vie for valedictorian and salutatorian distinctions in an effort to “reduce the overall competitive culture” between students, school officials said.

Beginning with the Class of 2020, the high school will do away with both honors. School officials said it follows a yearlong study and focus group with students, staffers and families.

You helicopter parents do realize there are no participation trophies after college, right? When you do not produce in the real world you don’t get a do-over. You get f**king fired. It’s a lesson most of us learned at an early age.

“It’s about what it means to be happy and what it means to be successful and it’s not just about the grade but it’s about the whole child,” Associate Principal Shanna Bumiller said.

Kyle’s school is starting this nonsense with his graduating class. The valedictorian’s grades are over and above anyone else’s, but the administration decided they would hold an essay contest to see who wins the title. Even though the dictionary definition of valedictorian is fairly clear. Personally, I’m assuming they don’t want the kid with the top grades to be their valedictorian, so this is the way Kyle’s school can screw the kid over.