Come To The Dirt Side

Automated vacuums are all the rage these days, but the market is a tad dilluted. Samsung, however, decided to kick their model up a notch by adding some Star Wars detail.

With the exception of Finn, Stormtroopers are famous for being the faceless, pesky mercenaries that always induce chaos. They are good for nothing soldiers who can’t even hit their shots right. If you think about it, those bucket heads only exist to do all the dirty work for Darth Vader and be the cause of headaches for Luke, Leia, and Han Solo.

If you’re a massive Star Wars fan, you may be pleased to know that you can now be the Stormtroopers’ overlord and have them do your dirty work for you. The Samsung POWERbotâ„¢ Star Wars Limited Edition Stormtrooper Robot Vacuum is (finally) on sale, marked down by a whopping $327.

Normally I would yell, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” but I’m guessing the Stormtrooper models can never find the dirt they were looking for.