Bad Times At The El Starbucks

An argument outside a Florida Starbucks ended with one man dead and the other charged for the alleged murder. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the coffee isn’t that great, people!

A witness told police that Justin Boersma cut off a man in line at the drive-thru, so the other man got out of his truck, started banging on Boersma’s window, and ripped the door handle off, according to an arrest report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

I can understand the man’s anger, but honestly, was it worth it to confront this jackass? Scream inside your car and flip him the bird, but this isn’t the America where we grew up. Americans kill people if you give them a sideways glance nowadays.

As the other man started walking back to his truck, Boersma got out of his car and fatally shot him.

Boersma may have had a (weak) case if he shot the man while we was banging on the window. Getting out and shooting the man as he walked back to his vehicle? Yeah, that’s a cut-and-dry homicide.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that when deputies arrived at the scene, the victim was sitting in his car suffering from gunshot wounds and was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Samuel Rossetti, 31, has been identified as the man who was shot and killed.

Another man lost over a senseless act. And for what? Uncontrollable anger? Humanity is doomed.