Won’t Someone Think About The Hookers?

While the elderly are passing on from Wuhan virus complications, there is a more important section of society who is really, truly hurting: sex workers.

Australia’s peak sex worker organisation the Scarlet Alliance has warned against police “targeting” sex workers as the impact of the coronavirus lockdown continues to hamper the industry.

Restrictions on travel and “non-essential” visits have been hitting hard for people like Paige*, who has been a sex worker “on and off” for five years. It’s her major source of income, but as a subcontractor, she only gets paid if she gets a booking and for the past couple of months, bookings have for obvious reasons dried up.

I doubt that’s not the only thing which dried up.

While preventing the unwelcome return of the government’s intervention into the sex lives of consenting adults, the grey area left is even less clear for Paige and other sex workers.

She believes in some cases, sex work should be considered an essential service – particularly if the client is “physically or mentally challenged”.

I agree, and since no one in America is more mentally and physically challenged than I am, it’s only fair I get a discount from my friendly neighborhood Aussie call girls.