Philly Schools: Failing Their Students

The School District of Philadelphia is prohibiting teachers from giving online classes to their students, because the Superintendent believes there are “equality concerns.” It is certainly possible there are worse public school districts than Philadelphia, but I am having a difficult time naming any off the top of my head.

The School District of Philadelphia will not allow teachers to do “remote instruction” with students while schools are closed during the coronavirus outbreak, according to a letter sent to principals Tuesday night. Because the district cannot ensure equal access to technology among students, it’s barring individual schools from providing graded virtual instruction.

Having lived in this garbage city for a half century, I can assure you even the poorest people in the ‘hood have internet. They may not have heat, running water, or nutritious food, but I can guarantee everyone of them have an iPhone and home internet. This entire excuse is bullshit.

“To ensure equity, remote instruction should not be provided to students, including through the internet, technology at home, by phone, or otherwise,” the letter read.

I can also guarantee the teachers in this city love this decision. “Wait, I can sit on my ass for a few weeks and still get paid? Sign me up!” Every single schoolteacher should be embarrassed by this and resign in protest. They won’t, though, because easy paycheck.

“Students should not be required to complete new assignments or homework activities. Schools may not make independent decisions to offer remote instruction at this time. As guidance and circumstances continue to unfold, we will provide updates when necessary.” (H/T – Toothy)

Here’s what the school district will eventually decide. All students, no matter how poor, will be promoted to the next grade no matter how dismal their grades. They’ll miss out on at least two weeks of instruction, but they’ll push the kids through anyway. It’s the Philadelphia way.

I never want to hear another Philadelphia public school teacher brag about how they’re “heroes” ever again. You had your chance to be a hero to these kids, and you sat and did nothing. Disgraceful.

School Lies

Riotous Freddie Grey Brick Hurler

Teachers from the School District of Philadelphia are offering a new curriculum to their students this week. The children will be indoctrinated in the merits of the Black Lives Matter terror group.

A Philadelphia School District teachers’ group has planned six days of action this week, encouraging educators to introduce optional curriculum and activities – from “The Revolution Is Always Now” coloring pages for very young students to a science lesson about the biology of skin color for older ones.

For Leftists, everything revolves around race. Everything.

“We all deserve fair but critical treatment,” said Charlie McGeehan, a member of the Caucus of Working Educators. “I don’t think that Black Lives Matter is antipolice.”

McGeehan is absolutely correct. Sure, the Black Lives Matter thugs chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” but that’s actually a compliment. I mean, who doesn’t like crisp, delicious bacon?

The lessons are not mandatory, and in fact not sponsored or sanctioned either by the school system or the PFT. It’s up to individual teachers whether they participate and how, from wearing T-shirts to engaging students in lessons.

This paragraph is doled out for public consumption. The real translation is quite different: “The lessons are not mandatory, but there will be reprisals for students who refuse to participate. The school district and the teacher’s union did not publicly sponsor or sanction this despicable decision, but they most certainly agree with it.”

The organizers want teachers to think about lessons based on the 13 tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement, from empathy and diversity to transgender affirming and unapologetically black.

Obviously, the writer forgot to mention BLM’s tenets of cop killing and rioting.

I spend thousands of dollars a year to send my children to Catholic school. While the cost is financially demanding, the decision to keep my kids safe from indoctrination is worth every penny.

In Philly, White Is The New Black

The Despicable Arlene AckermanThere are few organizations more corrupt than the School District of Philadelphia. For the most part, the city’s public schools are an unmitigated disaster where mice roam the hallways, terrible teachers are protected by the unions, and kids commit crimes on a daily basis.

Sadly, the uber-liberal leadership is even worse; pissing away funds for pet projects, and denying work to white-owned companies.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Security and Data Technologies, Inc. (SDT) was initially chosen by Philadelphia School District (PSD) and then-Superintendent Arlene Ackerman back in 2010 to install surveillance cameras at 19 schools PSD classified as particularly dangerous. After the company began preliminary work, it was abruptly “deselected” and the $7.5 million no-bid contract was then awarded on an emergency basis to IBS Communications, a company not eligible for no-bid contracts.

Hmm, I wonder why Ackerman- may she rot in Hell – became an American-Indian-giver?

The abrupt turn of events, it turns out, had a racial motivation. An investigation by The Philadelphia Inquirer discovered Ackerman became fed up that the district kept giving contracts to white-owned companies. PSD is owned by two white men.

So, after telling other PSD administrators she would make sure “all these white boys didn’t get contracts,” Ackerman canceled SDT’s contract and diverted it over to IBS, which had black ownership.

The PSD gave IBS the contract on the QT before screwing SDT and earning some legal STD’s PDQ.

After Ackerman’s stunt was publicized, SDT sued, and the six-year legal odyssey finally ended Monday with a victory for the plaintiffs. A jury ruled that the district, along with Ackerman’s estate (she died in 2013), must pay out $2.3 million in damages. The damages cover $2.1 million in lost profits along with a small sum of compensatory damages. (H/TJim)

First, that is hella-awesome, and I’m pretty sure this news gave me an erection. It’s either that, or I took two Viagra instead of Tylenol this morning. Second, please don’t kid yourself; there is just as much reverse racism in Philadelphia’s schools as there is in other places. Unfortunately, it takes a multi-million dollar lawsuit for it to make headlines. Finally, this is why I gladly pay close to $8,000 annually to send my kids to Catholic school.

A School And Its Money Are Soon Parted

School District Of Philadelphia

The inept School District of Philadelphia is about to run out of money, and like clockwork, its leadership is blaming everyone except themselves.

With an ongoing stalemate over the state budget in Harrisburg, finances remain precarious for many agencies that depend on the commonwealth for funding.

The cash-flow situation is particularly dire for the Philadelphia School District, which educates about 130,000 students. In a letter sent to staff Tuesday night, Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. said the school system could run out of money on January 29 without a new state budget.

Never mind Pennsylvania has not had a Republican governor since 2003. Never mind Philadelphia has not has a Republican mayor since 1952. Never mind the former schools superintendent received a $950,000 buyout. Never mind the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers stole $6 million from their members’ health care fund. Forget all that. The real problem here is the eeeevil Republicans in the State House who refuse to bend to Governor Tom Wolf’s demands.

The School District of Philadelphia is an incompetent, corrupt organization which throws away money like I throw away candy wrappers. They have been crying poverty for as long as I can remember, despite the fact their most recent budget (2014-15) was $2.6 billion. That’s billion, with a “b.”

That’s not enough anymore. Now the district is demanding another $300 million. Are they out of their damned minds? In my opinion, until Philly can demonstrate they can practice fiscal responsibility, they shouldn’t receive dollar one. If the schools have to close, so be it.

I’d like to think the administrators and teachers would eventually break out of their robotic “obey the union” slumber and realize what is going on here, but since the school district just gave the current superintendent a five-year contract extension, I won’t hold my breath.