Scream Queens

Thousands of adult American babies will be spending November 8th screaming into the air to protest the one year anniversary of the election of President Trump.

One year later, these leftists still haven’t learned a thing. THIS is how you got Trump.

Americans from coast to coast plan to commemorate the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s 2016 election win by screaming into the void.

Thousands of Facebook users have signed up to attend events on Boston Common in Boston and in Washington Square Park in New York on Nov. 8. Events are also planned in Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Austin and in Bellingham, Washington.

Some 2,100 people said they will attend the New York protest and 15,000 more indicated an interest in going. More than 4,500 people were registered for the Boston event with 33,000 others showing an interest.

I love that there’s an event in Philadelphia. Please, by all means Philly tards, spend your time screaming at the night sky; it still won’t change the fact Hillary Clinton will never be president.