Seattle Mayor Comes Crawling Back

Jenny Durkan, the incompetent mayor of Seattle, has decided to push for more police officers, a year after she proudly proclaimed the city needed to defund the police.

As Seattle residents reel from one of the deadliest weekends in recent memory, Mayor Jenny Durkan is sounding the alarms. She says the city needs more police, a message she’s been reticent to deliver publicly due to toxic politics and a militant activist base.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Go f**k yourself, Jenny.

Thanks to a defund movement that is still alive and well, the Seattle Police Department is down nearly a third of its force. And the city is left without the law enforcement support it needs to keep residents safe. Combined with prosecutors who lean into far-left views that the criminal justice system is racist, so they won’t prosecute, criminals are running wild with little fear of consequences for their deadly behavior.

Durkan’s message is not only too little, too late, but it’s falling on deaf ears as the Seattle City Council continues its defunding efforts. Next week the Council is expected to reroute some $14 million from the Seattle Police Department budget. (H/T – MelP)

Most of the big blue cities followed Durkan’s lead, and worked diligently to defund the police. Most of those cities were rewarded with skyrocketing rates of shootings and homicides. One year later, the same cities are begging for new police officers, but no one wants the job anymore. Why would they?

I’d like to feel sorry for these cities, but as someone who lives in one of these terrible blue cities, I think the entire situation is hilarious. This is what you voted for. Own it.